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At Healthy Sites, we're all about vibrant vibes and serious savings. We get it – you're shaping a healthier future, not sitting on a cash mountain. So why worry about hefty upfront costs? Our subscription model is your golden ticket to a stunning website for just USD $147 a month – no hidden fees, no fuss.


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Modern Websites.


Tailor Made for Healthcare

Your practice is unique, and your website should be too. Crafted by marketing maestros with over 15 years’ experience in private healthcare, we promise a website that’s as bespoke as the care you provide.

Created in Collaboration

You know you best! Be part of a fun collaborative process with Co-Founder Miranda to design your brand, selecting colours, fonts and images that authentically reflect your Practice and resonate with your patients.

Made for Marketing

Optimised for marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is a complex everchanging beast. But without it, your website stays hidden, never to be seen on page 10 of Google. Let us take the stress of SEO off your hands.

Website Content that Connects

Magic happens when clinicians and marketers unite. Our healthcare wordsmiths will give your content a wellness check-up, ensuring it's engaging, valuable and inspiring, and resonates with your ideal patients. You won't find your content duplicated on other websites. We take pride in collaborating with you to produce authentic content.

Worry Free Maintenance and Support

We know that websites aren’t your bag, so we’re taking all the stress of website maintenance off your hands. We provide ongoing support to keep your website content fresh, up to date and optimised for Google. Need to update your information, add a new page, add a new blog article? No probs! We’ll look after this for you as many times as you need.

Some of
Our Work.

  • Calm Kids

    Our goal was a design that reflected the core purpose of Calm Kids Wellbeing – a space where children and their families can get support that is personal, safe, warm and caring.

  • Kirutz

    Collin’s mission is to be the leading Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma Counselor and Coach, and his clean modern website not only positions him as an expert but creates a feeling of trust and safety, helping people take the first step and ask for help.

  • Monica Borschel

    With extensive experience working with trauma, loss, and relationships, Monica needed a website that clearly communicated her experience, while simultaneously creating a feeling of compassion, understanding and support.

  • Dr Shih-Ern Yao

    A design that clearly communicates Shih-Ern’s experience and dedication to creating a world where all women can access the best gynaecological cancer prevention and care.

  • Sarah Hunt

    A design that reflects Sarah’s expertise and empathy, and speaks to women across the lifespan needing gynaecological and fertility care.

  • Blossoming Kids

    A fun vibrant website that captures the essence of play therapy and psychological therapies for children and teens.

  • BayWellbeing

    Soft, calm and approachable, this design reflects their vision for a world where there is emotional harmony for individuals, couples and families.


    Customers Say.

    • Collin


      Miranda and her team at Healthy Sites are everything I was hoping for. I looked at multiple marketing agencies before hiring her. What she offered definitely outweighed anything offered by others. Too good to be true? Nope. She and her team have followed through on everything they promised. They produced a beautiful website. Miranda and her team are super easy to work with. They solve any issues asap. She and her team produce amazing marketing material. And she does all of this from Australia. I am in Washington State. Amazing! Thank you Miranda and team.
    • Shih-Ern


      Gynaecological Oncologist
      I had a very positive experience with Miranda and her Healthy Sites team who were efficient, easy to communicate with and experienced in helping establish my online presence for my new private practice. I enjoyed working with them to create my website and have received many compliments about its layout and appearance from peers, new patients and referring doctors. I have had no hesitation referring other specialists to Miranda and look forward to continuing to work with her team with my expansion of my practice.
    • Danielle


      Child and Adolescent Counsellor
      I cannot recommend Miranda and Darren highly enough. They helped me set up a professional and user-friendly website for my business, Calm Kids. Miranda's expertise and guidance really helped us to gain exposure in a new location, growing our business and reaching our target audience. Her dedication and knowledge of the health profession make her an essential ally for any practitioner looking to expand their online presence.
    • Dr Monica Borschel

      Dr Monica Borschel

      Trauma and Divorce Recovery Coach
      Miranda and her team at Healthy Sites designed me a beautiful website that perfectly fits the image that I would like to portray as a health professional. Miranda has been patient and understanding and has excellent knowledge of healthcare, and what is needed for a practice website.
    • Kristen


      Miranda was not only lovely to work with, she kept me to task with designing my website. She really listened during the workshops around branding which resulted in a brand that I am really confident represents my business. It wasn't just about great colour, images, style and look (although that was important) Miranda’s copy writing and editing skills enabled me to communicate through the website what my practice and I are all about.
    • "
      After months of hearing about this thing from my friends, I finally decided that I needed it. I'm not disappointed!
      Vivianna Kiser
      Vivianna Kiser
    • "
      Sometimes a product comes into your life that makes you wonder what you ever did without it. For me, this is that product.
      Kari Rasmussen
      Kari Rasmussen
    • "
      I can't believe how much I love this thing. It has absolutely changed my life for the better.
      Azul Baldwin
      Azul Baldwin
    • "
      When you find something this good, you have to let everyone know about it.
      Jordy Eubanks
      Jordy Eubanks
    • "
      If I had a nickel for every hour this thing saved me in my workflow, I'd have so many nickels that I'd need a coin roller!
      Taelynn Thorpe
      Taelynn Thorpe


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